0 to 662 MQLs & 200 Replies in 30 Days

Tiffany Carter, Real Estate Agent

Tiffany Carter from Compass Colorado Realty is a real estate agent that works in the Denver area. With over 14,000 competitors in her area alone, she found it extremely difficult to stand out amongst the crowd.

She needed to get herself in front of more prospects, but didn’t want to resort to purchasing leads from Zillow, and door-to-door pitching just wasn’t very efficient.

So, she reached out to LeadRev.ai.

We were able to filter prospects by neighborhood and zip code, and did the prospecting for her, saving her a lot of time and money. In 30 days, we were able to generate her 662 Marketing Qualified Leads, 200 of which responded.

We helped her go from 0 to 200 leads in less than a month, all located in the same area.

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