Our Story of
Exponential Growth

The Mission

LeadRev.ai™ was originally founded by our CEO Tyler Kemp who’s helped build several 7/8+ figure businesses and has been helping sales professionals and startups scale their sales for nearly a decade.

"To build the perfect sales process"...

That is the LeadRev.ai™ mission, and this is the story of our growth.

The Problem

November 2012, He made a name for himself in the Mortgage space and realized that relying on referrals alone was not sustainable.

Marketing companies are so often full of hot air, and experienced businesses have had their fill of guru advice.

The other unfortunate reality is that businesses that solely rely on relationships to make a sale don’t have a predictable way to drive business.

Referrals are a glorified game of chance.

It was time to dig into this problem and explore solutions...

The Discovery

He invested wholeheartedly in solving the demand problem and came up with several cutting-edge methods of demand generation and advertising.

When he applied his learnings, along with a single loan officer, his team generated $120 Million per year in loan volume, with 20% growth year over year.

Obviously it didn't stop there...

The Board

After rapid success in the space, Tyler was invited to serve on the marketing advisory board of a $16 Billion finance company (Guild Mortgage).

Eventually, he transitioned to the SaaS space -- helping startups like Homebot grow from $60K per month to over $200K per month in only eight months, with large liquidity events to follow suit.

Present Day

LeadRev.ai generates over 500,000 leads per month for customers all across the globe. We save clients around 800+ hours of prospecting labor per month per salesperson and driving 10x-20x yield of employed sales teams at a fraction of the cost -- while adding a layer of predictability and certainty to our client’s topline revenue.

Best of all, the service actually works and actually delivers incredible results to our clients month-in and month-out, something we're extremely proud of.

There's one clear way to determine if LeadRev.ai is a fit for your business, and if it's time for you to move beyond SDRs and scrappy growth tactics that just don't drive ROI...
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