Generated $2.85M in <12 Months

VP of Sales


“Over the course of the year we're averaging >500 qualified appointments and over $2.85 Million revenue realized for the firm."

Before we had experienced a dip in our lead-flow, and we wanted to use LeadRoll to help fill that gap, which is exactly what LeadRoll did.

We wanted to establish more inbound lead-channels, and we felt was the perfect fit.

We always thought SEO was the best leads since those leads voluntarily raise their hand. We thought outbound leads would be half-cold, but that wasn't at all the case. is far cheaper per lead of anything else we've tried, and the campaign is extremely effective. We hit 70% open rate with your approach.

On a monthly basis we're averaging roughly 40 appointments per month, and more than 500 qualified appointments over the course of the year.

We're low-ticket, interestingly enough, and we're still hugely ROI positive with around $2,850,000 generated for the firm with a single seat of and one salesperson taking the calls-- which we've never been able to accomplish before.

There are a lot of shady agencies out there that promise the moon. We have proof that works, and when we've referred other businesses their way, has been extremely effective for them as well.

Matthew Beaulieu, VP of Sales at Semify

Project Brief:

Matt Beaulieu is the VP of Sales at Semify, a company that offers SEO services to other marketing agencies.

His team pursued when they experienced a dip in effectiveness with standard channels like paid advertising and even search. was the clear choice in the market, and over the course of 12 months Semify was able to directly generate 500+ qualified appointments and nearly $3 Million in revenue, and with only a single seat -- which is a near 30x return on investment.

The firm was also able to realize a multi-million dollar investment as a result of the increased MRR growth that came from efforts.

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