0 to 2,033 MQLs & 712 Replies in 47 Days

Ryan Mathisen, CEO


“There’s a lot of options when it comes to email marketing, social media marketing, and just branding yourself as a whole--and I’ve met with a lot of those people. When I met with Tyler, it was really different. The reason why was because Tyler has a really good understanding of the sales process. The nice thing about his program is he doesn’t just focus on one aspect of marketing, he really shows you a fluid process.

My first month and a half, I got almost 500 candidates in my system, and out of that, I’ve been able to convert quite a few of them. That was really neat for me to have a built-in conversation with somebody without me having to do anything. Tyler’s program took that off my plate and did it automatically for me.

I highly recommend that you at least sit down with LeadRev.ai so that they can show you his step-by-step process to marketing, it will really change the way that you think about digital marketing as a whole.”

Project Brief:

After a seven-figure exit from a company he helped run, Ryan Mathisen decided to invest his earnings into founding a new SaaS company, Glove Box. He wanted to create a service that allowed insurance policy holders to access all of their documents, pay their bills, file claims and more--all in one centralized place.

The first thing Ryan did was reach out to LeadRoll.

Having already established a relationship with Ryan, and having successfully worked together in the past, we agreed to help him--pre-revenue.

In the first 47 days of working together, we prospected 2,000 Marketing Qualified Leads.

From that group, 712 responded, and agreed to take action once the product launched--most of which stayed true to their word once it did.

Ryan admits that his company is having a hard time finding the resources to keep up with all of their new leads.

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