Generated $500,000 ARR per Rep year-over-year

Alex Belding, Co-Founder


“We generate 20 leads a week and close to around 5 deals a month. Average deal size is roughly $8,000 LTV. offers a great return for us.”

Project Brief:

Alex Belding is the co-founder of WebriQ, a SaaS company focusing on helping other companies improve their user experience and website performance by migrating to Jamstack.

Before LeadRoll, WebriQ was doing okay, bringing in decent numbers--but just like many others who need our help, had a hard time generating consistent, quality leads.

Alex decided to reach out to LeadRoll for some assistance.

Since we’ve begun working with WebriQ, we’ve helped them generate $500,000 in ARR per sales rep, year-after-year.

We've Helped Hundreds Of High-Ticket Businesses Scale Their Outbound Sales

LeadRoll has gained leads and appointments for our clients with companies like...
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