$1M Gross ARR < 90 Days

Brianna Carney, Co-Founder


“Within a quarter, we were able to secure a million dollar deal, and I would say LeadRev.ai is a huge contributing factor for us being able to double annual revenue last year.

Before moving forward with LeadRev.ai, I think we were a bit hesitant--we had already allocated our technical marketing spend for the year, we had an existing sales process and team in place--and in addition, we’re just really obsessed with brand so all content needed to align.

The LeadRev.ai team just really set themselves apart in terms of their responsiveness, their team is amazing. They are so responsive, so professional, and really proved to be an invested partner in us driving revenue last year.

If you’re on the fence about LeadRev.ai, I would just hop on a call with their team.”

Brianna Carney, Co-Founder at Crewbloom

Project Brief:

Brianna Carney is the co-founder of Crewbloom, a company that helps companies of all sizes connect with the top two percent of remote professionals.

She was able to reach seven-figures after multiple years of hard work and perseverance.

Despite her success, she wasn’t entirely happy with the speed at which she was able to generate new leads, so when LeadRoll reached out and offered to help her, it seemed like the most logical choice.

In less than 90 from when we started working together, we were able to double her Annual Recurring Revenue from the previous year, and generate an additional $1,000,000 in sales revenue.

What had taken her several years to accomplish only took us 3 months.

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