LeadRev.ai™ FAQs

My industry is unique. Have you worked with a business like mine?

We've worked with hundreds of businesses in a variety of shapes, sizes, and industries.

It's the process we take that matters. ;)

We have a few select criteria before we'll work with you as a client, and if you pass the tests, there's a good chance we can help you:
(1) You should have a client lifetime value (LTV) around or greater than $15,000 for maximum ROI. $50k LTV and above is a real sweet-spot;
(2) You need to already be making >$1 Million ARR as a business. $5M-$10M+ ARR is preferred (the higher the better), or be funded by a Series A;
(3) You must have an offer with a unique value proposition that separates you from the competition (your offer needs to feel like a new opportunity for your prospect);
(4) You must have the ability to sell via a call or remote conference (ex. zoom, meet, etc.), and not just face-to-face.
(5) You need an addressable market of >50,000 US prospects that can be found with standard firmographic filtering (i.e. no B2C and no markets that we cant target with firmographics).
(6) You need to approach outbound with the correct mindset. B2B has a long sales cycle, and that means you need to stick with it for at least 90 days. If you've been too burned in the past to see beyond 30 days, this program isn't for you.

If you meet those criteria... there's a strong chance we can help you, regardless of industry.
This holds true whether you're a high-ticket service provider, a SaaS startup, a marketing agency -- we got you covered.

Can I use the CLOSER System on my own?

You sure can, but we can probably do it better.
Running this process hundreds of times has its advantages!

If you work with LeadRev.ai, we'll help keep your cost under control, which in-turn reduces your risk.
In fact, even if your prospects don't respond the way you want, you still don't lose because this process allows you to learn from your market, and make fast pivots in your offer without the headache of managing a complex outbound infrastructure.
Just deal with the positive or objection replies (or upgrade to a higher service plan, and we'll take care of that for you as well).
You'll be glad you did.

Can’t I just purchase lead lists from Zoominfo, Clearbit, Seamless, or just use Sales Navigator?

You can. Or work with us, pay much less in the long-run, and you'll eliminate the need for expensive data subscriptions in the first place.
It may seem like any data we would supply must be lesser than the likes of behemoths like Zoominfo...
Or that you can just buy cheap data somewhere like Seamless and achieve the same quality that we would supply...
After all, there are a LOT of places to buy data. Some obscenely cheap. Others outrageously expensive.
So what's the difference?
Let me answer by telling you about OUR data here at LeadRev.ai™:
We own an independent data lake of more than 252 Million US B2B contacts, and between $5M and $10M is spent each month keeping it up-to-date (we take data seriously).
We can also ethically identify the personal identities of prospects visiting your website as an optional addon (because we have 63 Trillion datapoints in our dataset we can cross-reference with around 20 Billion updated data-points daily).

More importantly, this isn't data you can just go and buy or scrape off the internet.
We have it because of amazing partnerships with some of the largest organizations in the United States that constantly feed us validation signals on an ongoing basis.

And from a cost perspective, if you went to ZoomInfo, Clearbit, etc...
Expect to pay a MINIMUM of $15,000-$30,000 just for portal access PLUS the cost of leads and seats for your reps, with most people paying around $150k/y for anywhere near the quantity of data that you need...
Sales Navigator or Seamless pricing may seem appealing...
The Zoominfo sales pitch may sound amazing...
You'll only waste your time and money, though, on what is inevitably just a piece of the larger puzzle -- one that we happen to solve really well.

Our mass pool of data is uniquely ours, which means our targeting is not something you can just buy anywhere else, and it's one critical pillar in your go-to-market initiative.

There must be a lot of manual work involved in the LeadRev.ai™ process. Who’s doing all this?

We do, and we've boiled it down to a science -- with critical team members handling portions of the whole, each in their place, each with careful process controls.
At LeadRev.ai, we handle the bulk of the outbound execution.
We handle the hyper-personalized outreach.
We do what would otherwise want your team of Sales Development Reps doing... except we know what we're doing, we have the data, we deliver on a strict SLA, and at only a fraction of the price which reduces risk.
Let's chat to see if there's a fit, and let's work together to get this done on your behalf.

How do you charge? Am I paying for leads, or is it a flat-rate?

For the benefit of predictability on your end, we charge a low flat rate minimum, then anything above that minimum is charged by the prospect.
We keep the minimum just high enough that you'll have the minimum-viable volume you'll need, while giving you options to expand once you start seeing results.
Expect to see traction, and if the market doesn't jive with your offer, expect a clear feedback loop that will help you get things on track with rapid testing in a done-with-you growth model.
With our mastery of the elements we handle, and our unparalleled access to lead data, it's not uncommon for our clients to achieve dramatic, if not transformative results -- especially for those that have SDR/BDR teams in-house today and for those that have tried lesser approaches in the past and found them wanting...

How are you tracking all this data?

We'll tell you both how, and WHY.
Regarding the how, we catalogue all leads and every single KPI in your exclusive lead tracker and client dashboard.
Every key action and every meaningful datapoint is accounted for.
The data is enriched to the best of our ability, and we build a complete profile of every lead we pursue -- which can scale up or down in volume at your request.
Your sales people will breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we're the ones keeping track of every ounce of the campaign, meaning that's one more thing you don't have to pay them to do or worry about getting done.

The WHY is simple...
You can't count what you don't measure. You also can't optimize if you don't track relentlessly.
If you haven't noticed yet, we're a little nuts about data.
We LOVE data, and that means we need to track everything -- even data points that may seem irrelevant.
This all ties back to your math.
When we know our data, we know our numbers.
When we know our numbers, we report them to you, you can use the reports to make data-driven decisions, and you benefit as a result.

What kind of results can I expect?

There are no such things as expert marketers,
Only experienced marketers, and expert testers.
This is the honest truth... The secret for us isn't just in the performance, it's in the process and the predictability at scale.
What you'll get from this program is very straightforward:
(a) If the market you decide to target wants what you're selling, the way you decide to sell it... this process can help you build a strong pipeline for your sales team.
(b) If the market doesn't want what you're selling... this process can help you quickly test alternative approaches in a relatively short period of time, so that you can find the offer that will resonate much faster, while keeping your cost under control.
It's not uncommon to find that LeadRev.ai ends up producing the most revenue driving activities you'll ever employ in your business.
The math is clear.

How long does it take to get up and running with LeadRev.ai?

It will typically take you 2 weeks of onboarding/domain warming to get up and running.
Since we're building your infrastructure from scratch every time, the new domains/emails we provision need a few weeks to warm.
While that's happening, however, we'll be working closely with you on several scheduled onboarding calls where we dig into the mind of your prospect and log everything we need to craft a tight first-draft of your message.
Some have told us that our value proposition refinement process alone is worth the price of admission (though there is a bit of work involved as a collaboration from both parties).
Once that's set, we'll begin hand-crafting your lead list according to your chosen criteria.
There's a lot involved with the setup process, so we'll also be working diligently during this time to get everything activated and integrated for you the way it needs to be done.

It's common to start seeing traction in your first 1-2 weeks of being live, and while results vary;
By day 30, we should have a great base-line of results to measure against;
By day 60, we should have solved any outstanding issues or surprises that might have come up in the campaign, and we ought to have identified messaging that converts;
By day 90 we'll have either found a lot of ways not to make a lightbulb... Or we'll be delivering a streamlined flow of business conversations for your sales team to work.
Either way, our goal is deliver performant results that will inspire you to stay a LeadRev.ai™ client for life.

Can’t I just try it for one month first?

To answer that question, let's look at the figures with some clarity:
- It takes two weeks to get through onboarding, then the nurturing process takes about 30 days (the fortune is in the follow-up, as they say)...
- A minimum of 2,500 leads will need to be hit in a given month to get a minimum viable baseline (sales is a numbers game)...
- The 2,500th lead (hit 4 weeks after launch) won't be nurtured fully until week 8...
- From there, factor in the time it takes to get them on the calendar...
- Typically in more sales call than one...
- Then factor in your sales cycle, so you know the timeframe it will take before you'll actually feel like it's working (i.e. time till you close the first deal)...
- So combine the above with the fact that we need it to work more than once...

One month clearly doesn't cut it for anyone who knows what they're doing.
Most things worth doing are worth doing right.

Thankfully, we can help, and here's why you can still rest easy:
We spend a lot of $$$ to maintain a process like ours that doesn't cut corners, so that you can benefit.
We also put in an exhaustive amount of effort to ensure that you are wildly successful (your team will put effort in as well since it's a done-with-you service).
It's a fact: there's no such thing as a magic bullet, and great results can sometimes take time to build up to.
It's also true that your messaging, positioning, and targeting are all just a hypothesis about what you think will work at scale -- that is, until we prove it together and pivot where the market requires it.
At our level of performance, not only do we need a committment from you, but you need to commit to making it work as well.
That means there's a reasonable commit period (~90 days) designed to allow us the time needed to get you the results you came to us for.
Quick wins may give a great dopamine hit, but we will never let short-sightedness be the narrative of those who work with us.

Let us take the kinds of actions you need to implement your go-to-market strategy, and if you err, err on the side of momentum.
Complete the quiz, get a price, and let's do this thing.

Now what?

Take a Quiz. Get a Price. We'll Show You How You Can Replace SDRs While Putting You Back In Control Of Your Sales Pipeline.